B-0100 Pinchbeck brooch

Price range: . 200 - . 300

A rare collector’s item: Pinchbeck locket brooch.

Product details

Origin England
Period First half 19th C.
Lenght 33 x 30 mm
Remarks An alloy of copper and zinc (25%0  invented around 1720 by the London
  watchmaker Christopher. PINCHBECK. This alloy looked exactly like gold

but was much lighter. and had the same quality of craftmanship as seen in
  gold jewellery. Although originally used for watch cases it soon was also
  used for jewellery. No alternative to gold in the 18th C. was as good as
  After 1854 when it became legal in England to sell gold below 18 carat 
  Pinchbeck became more or less obsolete. To-day real Pinchbeck is rare.

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