Bailey, Banks & Biddle

Bailey, Banks & Biddle


Bailey, Banks & Biddle


In 1832 J.T. Bailey with his partner A. Kittchen opened their firt shop in Philadelphia, specialized in the ”finest quality merchandise of the most exquisite design”. His partnwer retired in 1846. Five years later J.T. Bailey II entered the business.During the Civil War Bailey & Co. were commisoned to produce presentation swords for Union Ciil War notables; some of these are nowaday in the Smithonian Institute. After the Civil War J.T. Bailey II travelled abroadin search of rare items, even including oil paintings, snuff boxes and other fascinating artefacts. In 1878 the name of the company was changed to Bailey, Banks & Biddle (J.T. Bailey II, G.W. Banks of J.E. Caldwell & Co. and S. Biddle of Robbins, Biddle & Co. ) After the company went public in 1894 the name remained the same, but ”Co” was added. At the end of the 19th century B,B & B was well-known as one of the finest jewellers of the United States; jeweller to America’s great families.  The last Bailey to head the form was J.T. Bailey’s son Charles. 
The company was bought in 1961 by Zale Corporation. Bailey, Banks & Bidle is not only the oldest American jeweller, but also belongs to the top of the luxury jewellers in the United States. (1990-2008)


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