Caldwell, J.E.

Caldwell, J.E.

J.E. Caldwell (1813 - 1881)

J.E. Caldwell & Co Jewellery

James Emmett Caldwell was born in New York ansd learned the trade with the Phildelphia silversmith P.P. Hayes. After working for a short time in New York he settled in Philadelphia where he founded in 1839 J.E. Caldwell. He supplied wealthy Philadelphians with high quality jewellery, silver and  objets d'art.. In 1868 changed its name to J.E. Caldwell & Company. The company became well known for their Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewels. Their beautiful hand-made Art Nouveau jewels are among the finest examples of American Art Nouveau jewellery. In 1878 BAILEY, BANKS & BIDDLE was founded by George Banks of J.E. CALDWEL, Samuel Biddle of Robinson Clark & Biddle and Joseph Bailey of Bayley & Co. During the 1920's J.E. Caldwell & Co. became famous for their fine Art Deco pieces.The company is still producing high quality jewellery tto this day


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