The origin of CHAUMET begins in 1780 when Marie-Etienne Nitot founded NITOT et FILS. Before that time he worked with Auber, jeweller to Queen Marie-Antoinette. After Nitot had created the coronation crown for Napoleon as well as the tiara for Empress Josephine, his reputation as ”Jeweller of the tiara” was established. He created many more magnificent tiaras for the aristocracy, Even Pope Pius VII ordered a tiara from Nitot.   In 1815 J.B. Fossin, the workshop director, took the jewellery house over from Nitot's son. During this time romantic jewels were ”en vogue”. He was succeeded by J-V. Morel, who through their London branch became jeweller to Queen Victora. His son, Prosper worked for clients like Emperor Napolean III. Joseph CHAUMET married his daughter and took over the compny in 1885. Wonderful jewels were created for many of Europe’s royal houses, as well as in India and the Near East. Over the years more than 2.000 tiaras were created.


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