J. Kutchinsky fled with his famiy Poland in the 1890s. In the East End of London he started a jewellery manufacturing company. The Kutchinsky's, with a few centuries of experience in the jewelllery trade, had been jewellers to the court of Ludwig of Bavaria.                    

 Joseph's grandson Joseph was in 1928, at the age of fourteen years already an excellent diamond polisher. He learned from his father and uncle how important is was to produce good quality jewellery and offer their customers the best service possible.

After World War II the company flourished and their bold designs incorporating semi-precious stones as well as diamonds were a great success. Kutchinsky is famous for its animal designs, all set with various gemstones. In 1991 Moussaieff Jewellers Ltd. bought the Kutchinsky company, but there still is a Kutchinsky boutique on the Old Brompton Road.

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