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This magnificent platinum pendant is an excellent example of the refined Edwardian Era (1901-1914). Thanks to the modern look of this ANTIQUE jeweld the pendant is still remarkably wearable.
Diamonds: 105 pcs., total weight circa 3,20 carats.
Material   : Platinum.
Diameter: : 4,5 cm.
Edwardian (1901-1915)

The Edwardian style originated in the Late Victorian era where Alexandra, Princess of Wales was a trendsetter. In 1901, Upon the death of Queen Victoria her son, Prince Edward, became King Edward VII and that year is the beginning of the Edwardian Period. Those years are characterized by a revival of the refined style of the French Court at the end of the 18th Century. Jewellery designs were based on the style of that period. The strength of platinum made the creation of delicate, fine jewels, resembling "petit point" embroidery possible. Typical for the Edwardian period is the use of the millegraining technique,  giving a jewel a softer and lighter look. In Edwardian jewellery both Art Nouveau and Art Deco influence is recognizable.Typical jewels of that time are the négligée pendant, the sautoir (or long necklace) quite often made from pearls, star-, ribbon- and bow brooches.The most popular stones were diamonds. But also peridots, amethysts, sapphires, aquamarines and opals were often used.Platinum, in this period  is used to create delicate jewels.
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