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Trabert & Hoeffer opened its first jewellery store in New York in the early 1930s, followed by salons in Chicago, Palm Beach, Atlantic City and Bevcerly Hills. Memorable Art Deco and Retro jewellery was created. The firm is famous for creating a line called “Reflection-Your Personality in a Jewel” in the early 30’s. Reflection jewels were fabricated from eighteen-karat yellow gold parts and featured semi-precious gemstones. The firm encouraged women to choose among the different design elements and gemstones to create unique pieces of jewelry that expressed their personal taste. Due to the economic crash of 1929 the Paris House of Mauboussin was forced to close their New York shop and sold the right to use their name to Trabert & Hoeffer for a period of 20 years. Till 1950 all jewels sold by Trabert & Hoeffer was marked ”Trabert & Hoeffer- Mauboussin. All locations, except their Chicago store,  were closed at the end of the 1960's .    


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