VhernierJewellery Vhernier was founded in 1984 in Valenza as a jeweller’s workshop. In 2001 Carlo Traglio became President of Vhernier. His objective was to develop the company while maintaining its history and tradition supported by highly skilled craftsmen who have mastered all the technical secrets to perfection.
A Vhernier jewel is the physical expression of ancestral forms, at first motionless in our memory, then coming lazily to our mind, and floating to the surface, as they fall under our gaze again.
Images and perceptions, become clearer and clearer. Emotions slowly emerge, even though we do not remember when we first encountered them. Light and dark facets of the metal embrace invoke a feeling of mistery since time began. From its discovery to its technical processes, until it becomes a jewel. They are jewels created as small sovereign world. Each day we can glimpse a new glow inside them. Independent beings with a history to tell, always ready to enthral us. Intentionally brackets are left opened. Our imagination plays and moulds its continuation. Because a Vhernier jewel can be completed by never ending lines, creating a pure incentive to our brain. Lines run, weave, entwine, and finally they stop. Soft and transparent colours, imparting a perfect balance to the creation, moderate the jewel. The style like the form, is intuitive and natural, only to be found in a person endowed with the same virtues. It is natural because we draw our inspiration from whatever we see. The rock, the leaf, the shell, and the inclusions of the stone, become integral to the ideas that lie beneath our creations. Chromatic effects arise through the interplay of mother of pearl, underset stones, diamonds floating like bubbles in water. And ultimately, the light, precious presence giving voice to each tiny detail.
Diamonds fill the jewel as if they were hidden paths, and the empty spaces become secret cavities. People who will appreciate the object, are those who can observe and cherish it, as only a lover could do. A Vhernier shape can be tasted only by those able to find it…
Not only the lines, but the volumes too, are elements belonging to nature, and as such, are equally unpredictable. Where the material could expand laterally, it goes vertically, bending in unexpected and astonishing ways, creating uncommon harmonies. Funny as a game could be. The whole object finds its lines among tender and gentle forms, soft and liquid, as resolute as the metal that moulds and supports them. The jewels, through their materials, suggest to us what their future will be. Long lasting and aware of their value. To be reserved to a careful everyday life. We must care for and respect them. Seeing these jewels for the first time, our sight and thoughts were captured. And we were suddenly spellbound.
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